The Ultimate Traveling Guide to Seoul, South Korea that Every Filipino Needs

Before anything else, allow me to say that although South Korea was on my bucket list of places to go, it wasn't at the top most. As in, I don't follow KPop groups and I seldom watch KDramas. I am more Western-inclined, and Europe is still my numero uno travel goal destination.
I did not expect that I will get to visit South Korea as soon as 5 months after passing the board exam. To think I don't have work yet! It all started when my best friend Ayessa, who started getting hooked on KDramas, booked us tickets to Seoul on a Cebu Pacific sale. She's been bugging me to travel together since we reconnected 5 years ago, and since she would be getting married in July, I knew that this time, I couldn't say no.
We stayed for 9 days in the second week of April, which was in time for cherry blossom season. Let me tell you, it was glorious! But before the fun part (which is landing in Korea and getting our fill of whatever we want out of it), let us start with the nitty gritty basics.

#Adulting 101: Decisions, decisions, decisions

A few days ago, I realized that it has been 5 months since I found out that I passed the Chemical Engineering Licensure Exam and became a bonafide engineer. I am working as a freelance content writer and I also tutor on the side. I took on these jobs temporarily to pay for my trip to South Korea (coming up in a blog post soon!), but I find that I enjoy freelancing. I enjoy working from home: pants are optional, I do not have to commute, I can leave or wake uwhenever I want, and I love what I'm doing: writing, learning, and imparting knowledge and appreciation for the sciences to younger minds.

However, I know that something's amiss.


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