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Sometimes, living in a huge family can be hard. But most of the time, it's a lot of fun. I have 4 siblings, and I always thought that if any 2 are MIA from home at any given point, it seems like the house is 10x quieter, not even kidding. At any given time in our household, there's always someone talking, playing, watching TV series, exercising, fighting, cooking, etc. (There are 2 of us here in Manila right now; I wonder what the house must be like) I think the best thing about having lots of siblings though is that you always have default friends. Don't have anyone to watch a movie with? I call my sister/brother. I don't wanna eat or work at a coffee shop alone? I call my sister/brother. I guess that's why I never had to look elsewhere for company like go out to party or such, cause I have all the company I need at home.


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