#Do2016: Learn a new skill with Philippine Baking Institute

Another item on my bucket list this year is to learn a new skill. I didn't specify because I want to learn a lot of things but I know my 6-month review for the board exams in November will eat up most, if not all, of my time (it's my #1 priority of the moment as well). So, I felt really #blessed when I got invited to a one-day workshop at the Philippine Baking Institute in Ecoland, Davao City.

#Do2016: Climbing up Mt. Puting Bato

When I decided to pursue my bucket list, I knew that the first thing I had to do was climb that damn mountain. Haha! I knew that once I'd be able to accomplish it, it would surely give me that confidence boost and drive to pursue my other goals.

Midyear Review: How you can still achieve your goals this year

In my hard drive, I have folders of TV series and movies I've planned on watching, but almost never have the time to. Same goes for my Kindle. I have a library full of books I haven't read yet but always mean to.
And in my diary/planner, I have had a list of things I'd always meant to do: my bucket list.

To New Beginnings

In a couple of my last few blog posts back on my other blog, I talked about feeling like I've outgrown my blog (which I have) and even asked on one post whether or not I should start a new one (to which no one answered). I think I always knew I had to do this--break away from The Style Reactor and into my own personal brand--but I was so scared to leave everything behind. About five years of my life were contained in that blog--the five years I've spent in Davao since moving from UP, I realize now. It was my saving grace during those times I felt bored/depressed/worthless/angry. It served as an outlet for all my energy, a mental and creative passion project which gave me a lot more than I bargained for: a job I loved and enjoyed, opportunities to speak for groups of people, a couple of features on TV, invites, freebies, and chances to monetize my blog. More importantly, I got to meet like-minded people, a lot of whom became friends I love and cherish to this very day.


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