The 5 Things I Learned by NOT Going to #InTheMix

Last night, 6 foreign acts came together in one amazing show called In The Mix. When it was announced in May, my sisters and I were so excited. We planned on going because it would be held the day before Felicia's birthday (so it'd be like a birthday salubong of sorts as well), which was in time for Kadayawan (so Feebee wouldn't have classes and could come here) and because The 1975 would be playing. I think The 1975 is one of the few bands we could ALL (including my brother) agree on. LOL. But I really did wanna see them, with pa-bonus pa na Third Eye Blind & Panic! at the Disco (throwback for me and Felicia), as well as James Bay for me. =)) (I first heard one of his songs when it was used in an episode of The Vampire Diaries--I swear that show has one of the best soundtracks, if ever you're into indie/pop/rock, I don't know how to describe it actually. Basta, I get songs there from artists I don't normally hear on the radio)

How to Spend Your Birthday Alone

Rustic Kitchen

Sometimes, living in a huge family can be hard. But most of the time, it's a lot of fun. I have 4 siblings, and I always thought that if any 2 are MIA from home at any given point, it seems like the house is 10x quieter, not even kidding. At any given time in our household, there's always someone talking, playing, watching TV series, exercising, fighting, cooking, etc. (There are 2 of us here in Manila right now; I wonder what the house must be like) I think the best thing about having lots of siblings though is that you always have default friends. Don't have anyone to watch a movie with? I call my sister/brother. I don't wanna eat or work at a coffee shop alone? I call my sister/brother. I guess that's why I never had to look elsewhere for company like go out to party or such, cause I have all the company I need at home.

#Do2016: Learn a new skill with Philippine Baking Institute

Another item on my bucket list this year is to learn a new skill. I didn't specify because I want to learn a lot of things but I know my 6-month review for the board exams in November will eat up most, if not all, of my time (it's my #1 priority of the moment as well). So, I felt really #blessed when I got invited to a one-day workshop at the Philippine Baking Institute in Ecoland, Davao City.

#Do2016: Climbing up Mt. Puting Bato

When I decided to pursue my bucket list, I knew that the first thing I had to do was climb that damn mountain. Haha! I knew that once I'd be able to accomplish it, it would surely give me that confidence boost and drive to pursue my other goals.

Midyear Review: How you can still achieve your goals this year

In my hard drive, I have folders of TV series and movies I've planned on watching, but almost never have the time to. Same goes for my Kindle. I have a library full of books I haven't read yet but always mean to.
And in my diary/planner, I have had a list of things I'd always meant to do: my bucket list.

To New Beginnings

In a couple of my last few blog posts back on my other blog, I talked about feeling like I've outgrown my blog (which I have) and even asked on one post whether or not I should start a new one (to which no one answered). I think I always knew I had to do this--break away from The Style Reactor and into my own personal brand--but I was so scared to leave everything behind. About five years of my life were contained in that blog--the five years I've spent in Davao since moving from UP, I realize now. It was my saving grace during those times I felt bored/depressed/worthless/angry. It served as an outlet for all my energy, a mental and creative passion project which gave me a lot more than I bargained for: a job I loved and enjoyed, opportunities to speak for groups of people, a couple of features on TV, invites, freebies, and chances to monetize my blog. More importantly, I got to meet like-minded people, a lot of whom became friends I love and cherish to this very day.


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