The 5 Things I Learned by NOT Going to #InTheMix

Last night, 6 foreign acts came together in one amazing show called In The Mix. When it was announced in May, my sisters and I were so excited. We planned on going because it would be held the day before Felicia's birthday (so it'd be like a birthday salubong of sorts as well), which was in time for Kadayawan (so Feebee wouldn't have classes and could come here) and because The 1975 would be playing. I think The 1975 is one of the few bands we could ALL (including my brother) agree on. LOL. But I really did wanna see them, with pa-bonus pa na Third Eye Blind & Panic! at the Disco (throwback for me and Felicia), as well as James Bay for me. =)) (I first heard one of his songs when it was used in an episode of The Vampire Diaries--I swear that show has one of the best soundtracks, if ever you're into indie/pop/rock, I don't know how to describe it actually. Basta, I get songs there from artists I don't normally hear on the radio)

How to Spend Your Birthday Alone


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