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Sometimes, living in a huge family can be hard. But most of the time, it's a lot of fun. I have 4 siblings, and I always thought that if any 2 are MIA from home at any given point, it seems like the house is 10x quieter, not even kidding. At any given time in our household, there's always someone talking, playing, watching TV series, exercising, fighting, cooking, etc. (There are 2 of us here in Manila right now; I wonder what the house must be like) I think the best thing about having lots of siblings though is that you always have default friends. Don't have anyone to watch a movie with? I call my sister/brother. I don't wanna eat or work at a coffee shop alone? I call my sister/brother. I guess that's why I never had to look elsewhere for company like go out to party or such, cause I have all the company I need at home.

Anyway, a few days before I left for review class, we tried out Rustic Kitchen which is really near where we live. I've always wanted to bring my food trip group there too but it's too far for the others, so we try to stick to restaurants downtown. It's been there for a while already although we just always pass by it on the way home. My dad din kasi is not very adventurous when it comes to trying out new places so even if we're like, "Pa, let's eat there", he won't stop the car. LOL. In fact, they even opened another branch at Legaspi Suites and everything and yet we still haven't tried out the one near our house. One day when we were particularly bored, my suster Feebee was like "Let's try it there". Keeping up with my "adventurous-living-life-to-the-fullest" self, go ako uy. =))

So we ordered (from top left, clockwise) the seafood and beef pasta, Texan chicken, parmesan crusted chicken and the bacon burger. We didn't know what to order honestly, having no guide on the internet. Thankfully, they put labels like "Must Try" on their menu. So, the thing about being close to your family is that you tend to know what everyone would order. Timmy usually goes for carbonara and Chubby goes for baby back ribs. =)) But I told them that they should try something new so I ordered the first two dishes for them (I ordered the burger for myself--kala niyo pasta sa akin noh!! Those who know me well know pasta is my default food =)) )

and those two dishes DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

I swear, I kept getting food off Timmy and Chubby;s plate. =)) If I were to rank it, the big disappointment actually ended up being my burger. :( I mean it was okay, but I definitely have tasted better ones. For the price range, it was SUPER affordable. Dishes are around 150-200php, which is reasonable. I paid around 640php for all 4 dishes :)

As for the place, it was fitted like a log cabin. Since we came in early, we got the second floor to ourselves--at least for awhile because a huge group also came in a few minutes after we did.

Since walang tao, avail si Feebee sa pang-Instagram. My poor Instagram husband-brother (??). He used to be one for me, now it's for Feebee =))

Took a photo of him nalang for all his hardships =))

Bye Felicia =))

Rustic Kitchen
Door 1 & 2, Santiago Bldg, Cabantian Road, Davao City

(They also have a branch at Legaspi Suites but I haven't tried it yet)

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