My One Big Theme for 2017 + My Goals

Hey guys! So the last time we were here on this blog to discuss goals and goal setting was last year's Midyear Review, where I also shared with you my Theme or Word for 2016, which was to DO. So far, I did cross a few things off my list but I haven't gotten around to writing about them. As for the other items, well, I started acting on them and they are well in motion for this year.

25 Lessons to take with you in 2017

Hi all! It's been a long time coming for this post. I was supposed to publish it for my 25th birthday last year but because I chose to focus more on my board exam and not my blog, this list (and my other blog entries) had to wait. I thought starting off my backlogs with this one in the new year would be perfect--maybe you could learn a bit from the lessons I've learned from my own mistakes and change your mindset or correct yourself before it's too late.
These are a few lessons I've learned which often recur at different stages in my life this past quarter century. I mean, if life has been trying to teach me a specific lesson over and over, maybe it just means that I should learn it and never forget it.


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