Midyear Review: How you can still achieve your goals this year

In my hard drive, I have folders of TV series and movies I've planned on watching, but almost never have the time to. Same goes for my Kindle. I have a library full of books I haven't read yet but always mean to.
And in my diary/planner, I have had a list of things I'd always meant to do: my bucket list.

Every year, I write out the things I want to do during that year and sadly, I've found that year in, year out, these things almost never change. That's the saddest part about it: I never get around to doing them. I never really made BIG, scary, ambitious goals after I've had some disappointments handed to me. There were times I worked really hard for something but things almost never went my way because of things I couldn't control. That got me traumatized, and so I just decided to live day by day.
The thing about me is that I like to go big or go home. But, because of that attitude, I almost never get the things on my list done. I wanna take swimming lessons? Okay, but I have to fit into a swimsuit first. I wanna climb a mountain? Okay, but I have to train first. Oh and it has to be Mount Apo. First of all, when will I ever MAKE time to train when I hate getting sweaty or short of breath?? (I hate it but I still appreciate the benefit it brings) Second, if I don't train, how will I even survive Mt. Apo? And chaka ko pls, no one does Mount Apo without going up smaller peaks first. HAHA mas Anne-bisyosa pa ako sa totoong Anne

Also, my list was so random! I would write whatever it is I wanted to do. But I realized, if you really want to tackle your bucket list, you need a strategy, cause some things need to be planned out. I can't wake up on a free day and think, "Okay I will climb a mountain today", cause you have to work for it. This is where the Yearly Theme comes in.
I got the idea of doing a Yearly Theme from Bianca Gonzales. It could be a word or phrase that describes what you want to be or embody in the year. It helps a lot to streamline your goals and prioritize what you want to achieve. I've found that it's more helpful to kick start on getting your bucket list/ goals done because you won't get lost or pressured  when you finally decide to get something done.
My theme for 2016 is: DO.

And with that, here are my to-dos:
1. Do something scary.
  • Travel abroad alone. (since I'll be 25 already)
2. Do something you've always meant to but kept putting off.
3. Do something with your life. (inspired by Me Before You])
4. Do something for yourself.
  • for your health (exercise and eat well)
  • for your heart (be a bit more expressive to those important to me. I know I'm never stingy with my time, but I do know that I don't often say what I feel because of pride or looking like a fool. I think I shouldn't be afraid to look like a fool anymore though cause it's holding me back)
  • for your soul (give to others)
Those are my to-do's for whatever's left of the year--simple and do-able, others even aren't specified and others don't even have a timeline cause I'm not (yet) a well-oiled goal-getting machine. To be honest, I just started with the theme last month (May), but it's helped me get 3 off the list already. It showed me that you can indeed get things done right away--why wait?
I also didn't wanna share my list (cause I was shy), but what the heck, right? I mean, we all have to start somewhere. And I'm sharing this list because I know YOU can also achieve YOUR goals this year, as I did with mine. At the same time, I'm sharing this list for accountability and for review at the end of the year.
Six months is still long a time. 
***If you have 30 minutes to spare, I want you to really think about what you want to achieve this year. Think about what you are willing to WORK ON to achieve this year. And if you want, think about your own Yearly Theme.

I would LOVE to hear your goals and/or themes! Sound off on the comments below! Maybe we can help each other be better?
(And if you're shy, you can e-mail me! :) I love getting letters!)

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