How to Spend Your Birthday Alone

I'm a huge birthday person so when I realized that I'd be spending my birthday alone for the first time in 8 years, I was honestly worried. I worried about what I'd do--should I go out (um, yeah, I deserve it) or would I just stay indoors, which was kinda sad for me, but sounded like the suggestion that my wallet would agree to (good thing wallets can't talk, eh?)

I would be turning 25, a real legit adult age and I had initially planned on a solo trip abroad to officially welcome me to #adulthood, But, I did not grab the chance when fares were on sale. I guess at the same time, good thing I didn't go on the trip cause I wasn't able to raise enough cash to go if I had anyway (damn you, multiple eating out trips--I celebrate pala all year round noh? I'm such a Filipino; loves to celebrate even though there's no occasion)

So anyway, for my birthday, I would have: a few pesos to spare, and a LOT of time on my hands. What would I do? I did what any logical person would do: ask Google. A lot of people probably spend their birthdays alone because w.en I started typing "how to spend..", Google's intelligent search filled the blanks out for me. =))

I got so may really god suggestions, some of which I'd like to share with you:

1) Travel alone. My original idea, as detailed above. I don't think we need to elaborate how traveling someplace new on your birthday would make for a great 'adult'/alone birthday.

2) Spend your birthday doing charity. A lot of people do this, but I haven't yet. I wanted to, but didn't have enough funds to begin with so I nixed the idea (for now). Another suggestion was to go to a hospital ward, orphanage, prison or home for the aged and ask for someone who had the same birthday as you and spend the day with the person, Or if you are shy, leave them a gift and a note letting them know someone cares.

To make it simpler and closer to home, you could treat the beggars on your street. I want to share that a few days before my birthday, I was looking for beggars to befriend so I can treat them (yeah, ganon ako, pinlan ko pa kklk) but all I came across was one who had a crazy look in his eye and I got scared, so that's that. I really would wanna do this second item someday, especially for lolos and lolas. I'm a grandparent person kasi. I feel like a lot of people visit children but not so much for old people. I remember when I visited the Home for the Aged once before for a class and the grandparents looked so happy to be surrounded by us college kids. One lola told me "a lot of people visit us for Christmas but not so much for the other days of the year". I will never ever forget that. :(

3) Set a fitness goal for yourself, and do it on your birthday. I read this guy's post on Quora where he would set a fitness goal for himself for his age. Like for example when you turn 21, you could run a half-marathon (21 km), You'll be motivated to train all year to hit your goal on your birthday.

4) Thank your parents. This is so underrated but yeah, thank your parents (especially while they are still alive) for bringing you into the world. Besides, they will probably be the only people (other than yourself) to never forget your birthday.


So how did I spend my birthday?

I woke up early and went out for a jog. My sister got me running shoes during the weekend and I was raring to usie them. However, I only made it 2 blocks before I got blisters (I wore foot socks, not the smartest decision) so I headed to the nearest McDonalds to get myself breakfast. I don't know but I get a little thrill when I can wake up early enough to get a fast food breakfast. When I got home, I saw this on my side of the room:


I had been bugging my sister and friends that I wanted these number balloons on my birthday cause I just wanted a photo with 'em, but my sister went above and beyond. She got me a banner, card, cake and crown as well. I was so touched.:)

I studied for a bit then caught the lunchtime mass at Greenbelt chapel. After that, I had lunch alone at Dillingers 1903 in Greenbelt 3. I used the GCs I won from Kara Gozali's giveaway! Thank you to my friends who shared my Facebook post! :)

It looks like a bar set in the TV show, The Originals

Reviews online said their Beef Salpicao is a must-try so that is what I ordered, along with the meatball pasta. The reviews were right! The beef salpicao is to-die for!! I had to stop myself so I could take some home. The meatball was good; a little bland for my taste but what sold me was that the menu said it was filled with mozzarella cheese. HAHA.

Birthday girl photo! I'm a strong, independent woman who can eat lunch on her own =))
(BTW so glad it was a quiet day. I didn't have to feel awkward eating all by myself)

 After that, I just spent my afternoon at Starbucks 6750 studying, against orders of my friend Rien not to. :)) I would've gotten my free cake but I availed of my free drink nalang muna. (Hello diba? My family teases me for my crazy points/card-collecting self but here is the fruit of its labor: free meals [when you need it the most], and on my birthday pa. #didntspendasinglecent)

Finally, I had dinner with my sister. She went to work early so she could get off early (to be with me, I hope haha) and I really appreciate that. :)

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